Monday, November 4, 2013

The Way Closing Reveals the Path

Parker Palmer is one of my favorite authors.  In his book, Let Your Voice Speak: Listening to the Voice of Vocation he recounts the story of talking to an older Quaker woman named Ruth about being frustrated that the way was not opening despite the Quaker teaching that the way opens.  She says to Parker that she didn't know a lot about the way opening but she knew a lot about the way closing.  Palmer tells us that they shared a knowing laugh.

I am not new to discovering that we often find our way through by paying attention to which doors close, or in some cases, slam in our face.  Sometimes it is just that doors we believed we wanted to go through simply do not open and a new way must be found.  Sometimes we choose to close a door.

Recently I have come to a place where I realize that the door to a full time permanent job is not opening for me right now.  The doors that are opening are part-time and/or short term projects.  So given that, I am living into creating my own job through part time possibilities, short term projects, teaching, guest preaching, consulting, and other projects that come my way.  I admit that this idea of working for myself terrifies me in one way and is exhilarating on the other.  One homework assignment my coach gave me is to do something new every day or something that scares me! This is both.  I have to say though that I am more excited than scared and the whole idea is energizing.

So I am moving from "I am looking for a job" to I am progressive faith leader working as a preacher, teacher and facilitator.  I am seeking opportunities to use my gifts and skills in a variety of settings and ways. 

The first things I am doing as I lean into this new path is to use this blog to market and sell my gifts and skills.  I am seeking to expand my readers.  I am going to publish set days each week.  One post will be a reflection from me and a second will be a  summary of articles that I am reading.  I am going to submit to other places to get published.  I am going to continue to network.  I am also going to work on a book about my own spiritual journey with an eye to providing inspiration and guidance to others.

So I ask you to keep with me on the journey. Share my posts with others.  If you want me to come preach or consult let me know. I also ask for your thoughts and prayers that a way will continue to open and opportunities will come my way that might be great for me, my family and those that I serve.

What doors have closed for youWhat doors have you closed
What ways opened as a result of those closed doors?

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