Thursday, June 26, 2014

Becoming Fully Oneself - Revisited

I am rather enjoying this exercise of going back and revisiting my early blog posts. So much of what I wrote about then is true for me now.  Parker Palmer continues to inspire me and I have probably read Let Your Life Speak at least two more times since this post.

It seems particularly appropriate right now to re-post this brief reflection on Becoming Fully Oneself.  As you may have noticed I have just done some updates to this site.  I have changed the tag line to reflect more closely the writing and work I see myself doing now.  The more I read, whether it is Parker Palmer or Otto Scharmer, the work of living authentically and living from one's authentic self comes up over and over again. In a culture and world that seeks our conformity, that asks us to put up a false front in order to fit in and get along, the call and longing to live authentically is essential.  I see my vocation is to assist individuals and groups to live more authentically, to be more fully alive.  So please check out my consulting page to learn more!

Right now I am personally in the midst of a situation that is requiring that I claim all the events of my life, particularly events of my life that I feel a great deal of shame about and have run from for many years.  It is not easy, it is not comfortable and a part of me wishes it would all just go away.  Most of me welcomes this opportunity to stop running, face the past and no longer let it control me.  I am still on the journey to become "fierce with reality."  I can only become free of the past if I am willing to stop and face it; only then will it lose its power over me.

Is there anything in your past that you are running from?  Are there events of your life that you  failing to claim?  What does "becoming fierce with reality" mean to you?

PS. I also welcome feedback on the changes I made to the site!
Please let me know what you think or ways it could be even better. Also please share my posts!

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