Thursday, June 19, 2014

Embracing Monsters - Revisited

So I have been thinking how I can have two blog posts each week without having to create two original posts each week.  I now have 100 blog posts so for my second post each week I will revisit a previous post, add some additional thoughts and see how I have changed and grown over the years of this blog.  For my first such post I am revisiting a post from my first year of blogging, 2010 and my post Embracing Monsters.

Also I am still looking for feedback on my proposed new logo and tag line.  Please put your thoughts in the comments!

I read this post and I think how much has changed and yet how much remains the same.  I still struggle with the monsters of failure and success.  I wonder now how to dance with these monsters of fear - maybe figuring out that they are not always monsters and may be friends.  Maybe it is time to make friends with my monsters.

I have to say of late I have been struggling with the monster of scarcity.  I am seeking ways to earn more income and that is both exciting on the one hand and very challenging on the other. I wonder how to get started with being more entrepreneurial.  I have done some freelance writing which I enjoy but the jobs I have taken pay too little to be viable.  I wonder about how to market myself and put myself out there.  I think about writing a book.  I dance with this fear of scarcity and although lately it has felt more like a fight with me on the losing end.

Another thing that strikes me is how much in 2010 I wanted to dive deep and put down roots.  In many ways I did that and in others I didn't. Now I am in a place, in a job that I know ends in a year.  What does putting down roots mean in this context?  How am I both fully here and looking ahead to what's next?  Again the paradoxes abound - it is not just one thing or another - it is this and that and another.

I am still struggling to embrace the monsters, to ride them all the way down and to live authentically. So the dance with my monsters friends continues!

What are your monsters?  Are they new ones or old ones?  
How are you learning to embrace them and make them your friends?

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