I am a lifelong learner, teacher, and writer.  I love teaching and creating opportunities for learning. My areas of expertise are ethics, theology, and religion.

My own life journey mirrors my deep interest and curiosity about faith and religion in a broad way. I am curious about how people, individuals, and groups, make meaning and sense of life.  I have had the privilege of working with a diversity of religious groups and see multi-faith dialogue, service, and engagement as critical to us as individuals and our world.  I want this world to be a more just place, for all of us, in all our diversity.  Ethics, for me, is not just about requirements or check-boxes, but about cultivating a deep sense of authenticity in myself and in the communities of which I am a part.  Ethics begins with integrity, living authentically and creating communities whether work, school, social or faith, that cultivate integrity and authenticity.

I started my blog, Scattered Revelations, as a way to share my thoughts, talk about the books I was reading and, I confess, to have some way to be accountable to read the books I said I wanted to read. It has developed into a place to share my journey, the joys, the struggles as well as my thoughts about ethics, social justice, and spirituality. I write about racism, feminism, and heterosexism to add my voice to a chorus of others who long for an inclusive world where we do not fear the differences between us but rather embrace them as essential to the beauty of this world.

I hope you will engage with me - submit comments, questions.  I would love this place to be a place of sharing and dialogue.  

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